Best Priced Luxury Mattress for Luxury Bedroom

Best Priced Luxury Mattress for Luxury Bedroom

There are numerous luxury mattresses that can be bought online. However we have reviewed and come up with best priced yet high quality luxury mattress that you can buy.

Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress

If there is a mattress that we would recommend anyone in terms of price and quality, it will be Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress. Saatva, is an America-based manufacturing company that has its company located at Westport, CT and keeps its mattress for online sale. But you can select the level of comfort in your mattress ranging from plush soft to luxury firm and even solid firm.

How much it cost?

Usually luxury mattresses cost more than $2000 but this queen sized Saatva mattress costs only $899. Though the price is relatively lower, it does not compromise on high quality design along with materials that makes it up.

Salient Features

Mattress Build

It is high quality with coil-on-coil design. The mattress comprises of support layer that has 416 hour glass formed coils. The comfort layer embodies 816 individual coils that are completely wrapped. Its design is found only in high end, high costing mattress.


You can get Saatva mattress in six sizes ranging from Twin to California King.

Green Initiative

Not only build and size, but also its Green Initiative should help you to select it. Its cover is produced out of organic cotton that matches with skin perfectly. All the raw materials for its production are eco-friendly.


–     Affordable price. Come in $899.

–     High quality and coil-on-coil design.

–     Different sizes that you can choose.

–     Incorporation of Green Initiative’ or Eco-friendly.

–     Safe and health-wise favorable.


–     Online purchase so can’t feel and touch while buying.

–     For smaller persons hard to move and rotate as it is 15.5 inches thick.

Delivery, Warranty and Support

We mentioned regarding 75 days no penalty home trial and its function. If you require something additional, you can have along with it after paying separately. You can have delivery at your doorstep. Regarding the delivery, it takes around 2-8 working days. One gets warranty of 15 years.

Wrap Up

If you go for quality and reasonable cost, we recommend you to go for it without dilemma.

Ultimate Dreams Total Latex

This mattress is a product of Dreamfoam Bedding. We recommend it as it is built out of best materials. You don’t feel like sinking when you lay on it. This latex mattress is the most durable mattress that comes with flexibility. It has life span of decades if treated with care. It is built-in hypoallergenic and and features dust-mite resistance.


Mattress Built

It is 10” complete latex mattress. The outer comfort layer is built of 3” Talalay latex is the supporting layer comes in 6" natural Dunlop. Cover is made out of bamboo and organic wool.


This mattress also comes in six sizes ranging from Twin to California King.


This mattress is fully customizable. Firmness level can be selected in terms of comfort and support layer as per your wish.


Ultimate Dreams Total Latex can outlast for longer time as it comes with two layers including support layer. The materials used are also durable.

Comfortable and Supportive

Latex is best in providing comfort and support. The customizable features give comfort whereas the latex core gives support.


–     Comes in varieties of sizes.

–     Lasts longer due to durable materials.

–     Comes with extreme comfort and support.

–     Customizable option. Firmness level can be selected.


–     Fligher cost.

–     Its availability is limited.

–     Too heavy to rotate and change sheets.

Wrap Up

Those who can afford can buy as it is suitable for all kind of sleepers. If you are going after budget, it’s not a best buy.

Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam

Affordable yet with high quality, Ultimate Dreams gel-infused memory foam can be a mattress of your choice. You can get rid of such mattresses which have issues of high temperature due to memory form.


Mattress Build

The build is simple. It comes with a three layer design that makes use of two kinds of memory foam. The uppermost layer is a 3” gel filled memory form and is supported by another 2” elastic foam.


Ultimate Dreams come with simple design with 5 inches of memory foam. Takes shape of your body and provides comfort.


Like the other mattress explained above, this also comes in six sizes ranging from Twin to California King.


–     Affordable. Comes with amazing discounts.

–     Use of high quality materials that are safe and durable.

–     Established brand and good customer support.


–     Can be purchased only online.

–     They are found limited in stocks.

Wrap Up

Don’t buy if you are a stomach sleeper. For the guest room, this mattress is the best buy.

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