Bullet Proof Backpack Which Can Save Your Life

Bullet Proof Backpack Which Can Save Your Life

This is probably the first time that you hear about bulletproof backpack and maybe you are questioning yourself why would anyone wear bulletproof backpack. Well, think about it. How often does it happen when you are watching news and you hear about someone who started shooting in a school and killed or hurt one or maybe even more children? Unfortunately, you have to agree that this has became extremely big problem and it is still growing. Just in 2015 there were 20 shootings in schools with 19 murdered persons and more than 40 injured just in the USA. These facts are disheartening and we have to do anything that is in our power to save our children of those attacks until the problem is completely solved or at least until it is reduced to minimum. Now it is clear to you why there is a need of a bulletproof backpack and that is just one use of it. Bulletproof backpack is pretty much a new invention. The first copy of this kind of backpack was released in 2007 after one more school shooting. It is made of kevlar which makes it absolutely bulletproof and secure. If we are talking about design, there isn't much difference between bulletproof backpack and a regular backpack. One of the most important things is that they are not any heavier than a normal backpack. After all, you don't want to hurt your back, you want to keep it secure.

Bulletproof backpacks are mostly designed for kids but they can be wear by anyone. The world has gone out of control and you can't know when someone will take his gun out and start shooting, maybe with no reason at all. Nobody said that bulletproof backpack will guarantee you that you will survive any attack but it raises your chances by very much.

Although these backpacks can save your life, they still are not usual to see. The main reason for that is that their price is not very low. An average price of bulletproof backpack is around $250. But, if you think about it, is it really too much? Do you want to buy your kid a video game, gaming console, or to save its life? You will have to buy it a backpack anyway, so why wouldn’t you choose safety for your kid. Nothing can replace the feeling that you have done everything you could to keep your child safe. You just can't afford to risk your child's life. As we have mentioned, bulletproof backpacks are still a new thing and most people have never heard about it, but if school shootings continue to happen they will surely become usual gear (maybe even required for students, who knows) so then the price will fall and then there will be not a one reason that people shouldn't wear these backpacks.

In a conclusion, bulletproof backpacks are an amazing discovery and very useful thing, especially when we have in mind that we are surrounded by potential threats everyday, no matter if it is a school shooting, terrorism or anything else. After all, you never can be too cautious.

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