Why You Need To Have Handheld Shower Head In Your Bathroom

Why You Need To Have Handheld Shower Head In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the best place to relax after a long day of work, journey, and a boring day. It is important therefore to have the best kind of shower head that relaxes and massages you and of course reaching all parts, such best handheld shower head you may to find in this reviews. Hand held shower enhances your experiences and makes it easier for you in the shower. Hand held shower or as known by some as a hand-held shower massages is the best equipment for this kind of work.

Features of handheld shower head

  • It is usually connected to the existing shower system with a flexible hose p. The hose is usually design to allow range of motion when being used.
  • lt can be attached above your head and still serve the same purpose.
  • The length of the hose ranges between 5 to 8 foot long.
  • In case you want to use both hands, it has a holder where you insert the base of the head shower. It can still be held in one’s hand so that you can control where the water lands. Most handheld shower head are designed in such a way that the spray have different setting to make it easier for one to control where the water lands. This may come with dual shower head; a fixed head shower and a handheld. Handheld shower are commonly used for their convenience

Types of handheld shower head

  • There are different types of handheld shower head such as
  • Nurture- spot resist brushed nickel eco-performance handheld shower;
  • Moen- wrought iron, attract- chrome with magnetix handheld shower;
  • Delta in 2 function, hands grope 3-jet;
  • Moen four function with slide bar;
  • HotelSpa aqua car;
  • Niagara handheld massage among many others.

Why choose handheld shower?

>   Convenience; it’s convenient for those with limited mobility such as people with leg disability. It is also helpful when bathing children, pets etc.

>   Flexibility; it allows movement around the bathroom hence its flexibility allows you the freedom to reach everywhere you want within the bathroom. It can also allow to clean the bathroom wall or tub easily. This will help you avoid far-reaching and occasionally messy shower cleaning issues.

>   Its relatively safer; to ladies who uses shower caps when going to the bathroom, the shower cap might not be necessary anymore because you have the control of where the water lands. This means you do not need to hold your head back to void the water from spaying your hair after your hair have been set. Some people including children do not like when the shower hit them on the face and are forced to move to the edge of the bathroom or hold their head back and sometime this may result into neck pain, Instead of enjoying the shower. The hand-held shower makes it possible to control the shower spray and avoid overspray.

>   Easy to use; everyone can use the handheld shower. All you need is learning how to direct the spray to the parts that need cleaning.

>   Relatively cheap; there are different types of handheld shower. This means the varieties makes it affordable to everyone depending on your taste and the size of your pocket (money you have). The shower heads range from relatively cheap to expensive creating a space for everyone to have a good time at the shower.

>   Creates variety; adding a handheld shower in your bathroom creates a variety of water settings to enjoy which include the regular shower spray of which are all designed to massage you while you shower.

>   Durability; handheld shower are highly durable. However, it depends on how you maintain, how you use it and how and where you place it after use. The durability depend on your. The careful you are, the longer the shower head lasts.

installation; replacing most handheld shower head is simple. You only need to unscrew the old head shower, remove the old plumber and tapes from the threaded part of the shower arm, apply fresh plumber tape and screw the new showerhead firmly in place.

>Safes water

Features of the right hand-held shower head It’s important to consider such features as

>   Length; consider whether the type of shower you want has the length that you want and whether the length is suitable for your bathroom. The best length is the length that does not make your shower so unbearable because the length is too long or too short.

>   Safety handheld straps; ensure that that the straps are safe and flexible to use.

>   Control; you should test the control of the shower head and how it reduces water flow.

>   setting; Multi-setting model provides many setting such as pulsing, massage, mist, wide and narrow stream etc. Single setting however, provides only one setting and tends to cost less than multi-setting.

>   Types; even the simplest and cheap shower heads can offer satisfying shower. However, more money may offer more options.

Buying handheld shower head today could not only be the best thing you do to yourself but also a stepping stone to improving your lifestyle in your home as well increasing the standard of your home or hotel. Buy one today and experience the extraordinarily feeling that other people are enjoying.

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